Our research focuses on Solar-Terrestrial relations and the science behind space weather phenomena. Solar-Terrestrial science deals with physics that start from active processes on the Sun causing disturbances in the solar wind passing through the interplanetary space and impacting the space environment around the Earth and the ionized upper atmosphere. Space weather is a general term used to describe the impact on technological systems and humans on ground, in the atmosphere, and in space, also on long-term presence at the space station, and in the future on Moon and Mars. Our research utilizes space-based and ground-based observations as well as numerical simulations.

Research themes Physics of space weather Solar wind – magnetosphere coupling: Energy transfer Magnetosphere – ionosphere coupling: Auroral processes
Research methods Ground-based observations Space-based observations Numerical simulations
Research projects SOLSTICE Center Magnetosheath transport Storm and substorm recovery phases
Geospace simulation data set Theta aurora Auroral omegabands
SWORD Space Weather Center of Excellence